52.John Peel(non-registered)
Hope all's well. Love the pics.
51.Becka Fisher Photography
Amazing images! Was very happy to come across your zenfolio site.
49.Scott Webster(non-registered)
Great photos, Don! Your artistry isn't limited to wood :)
48.Cheryl Donerson
Just beautiful photos! I just love then notecards! You really have a gift and I am so happy to be able to share it!
47.Don Weiss Photography
Thanks, JAckson, I am a minimalist when it comes to editing my work. Being there at the right time of day is everything. Most of these photographs have nothing more than cropping, slight adjustments of highlights and shadows, a little clarity and sharpening. The rest is just the beauty of the world we live in. Thanks for looking! Don
Wow.. What an excellent photography skills have you got. I am so amazed to see these photographs of which some looks so heavenly and out of the world. I think it’s the editing that has given that feel.

45.Nick johannes(non-registered)
Don Weiss has a knack for finding and capturing the splendid things in life we often overlook. Such beauty and splendor, taken by an artist with a camera.
44.Mary Ann Pike(non-registered)
Hi Don,
My daughter and I talked to you at the neighborhood picnic. Your pictures are lovely. Hope to talk to you more in the future.
43.Marianne Hamer(non-registered)
Don, your photography is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent with the world.
41.John and Cindy Young(non-registered)
Hi Don:

Thank you for taking our picture at Summitt Lake near Mt. Evans while we were on vacation. It was a pleasure meeting you and wish you well.
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