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This folder contains shots of different species of birds I have been able to digitally capture. while I am very pleased with a good many of them, some are lacking in composition, focus and/or exposure. And most are cropped. I just thought it would be fun to share what I have.

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Alder FlycatcherAmerican BitternAmerican Black DucksAmerican CootAmerican CootsAmerican CrowAmerican Goldeneye, FemaleAmerican Redstart, MaleAmerican Robin, JuvenileAmerican Robin, MaleAmerican Robin, LeucisticAmerican Tree SparrowAmerican Wigeon, FemaleAmerican Wigeon, DrakeAmerican Wigeon, MaleAmerican WoodcockAmerican WoodcockAnhinga, BabyAnhinga, FemaleAnhinga, Male