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Okay, they are not all songbirds. It was easier to categorize them this way. Almost all of these were found on 2 empty lots in Orlando. Looking forward to trying again next year.

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Loggerhead ShrikeEastern Bluebird, MaleRed Winged Blackbird, MaleNorthern MockingbirdRufous Sided Towhee, MaleBoatTailed Grackle, MalePalm Warbler, Breeding PlumageCommon Ground Dove, MaleYellow Rumped WarblerBoat Tailed Grackle, FemaleNorthern Parula, FemalePainted Bunting, FemaleBoat Tailed Grackle, FemalePalm Warbler, Breeding PlumageYellow Rumped Warbler'Grasshopper SparrowYellow Rumped warblerBlue-Gray Gnatcatcher, MaleRed Bellied Woodpecker, MalePalm Warbler