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David Streiff
Just looked at the pictures of Yellowstone and the Tetons. They are nothing short of amazing. My favorite is the bear looking from behind the tree. I know you have that long telephoto but I am amazed at how sharp and detailed the pictures are. I take wildlife pictures as often as I can but you are on a different level!
John Peel(non-registered)
Hope all's well. Love the pics.
Becka Fisher Photography
Amazing images! Was very happy to come across your zenfolio site.
Scott Webster(non-registered)
Great photos, Don! Your artistry isn't limited to wood :)
Cheryl Donerson
Just beautiful photos! I just love then notecards! You really have a gift and I am so happy to be able to share it!
Nick johannes(non-registered)
Don Weiss has a knack for finding and capturing the splendid things in life we often overlook. Such beauty and splendor, taken by an artist with a camera.
Mary Ann Pike(non-registered)
Hi Don,
My daughter and I talked to you at the neighborhood picnic. Your pictures are lovely. Hope to talk to you more in the future.
Marianne Hamer(non-registered)
Don, your photography is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent with the world.
John and Cindy Young(non-registered)
Hi Don:

Thank you for taking our picture at Summitt Lake near Mt. Evans while we were on vacation. It was a pleasure meeting you and wish you well.
Jan Reinhardt(non-registered)
Hi Don, I was the one looking for birds on Hahn Rd. last Sunday, 2/10, in the Jeep Cherokee. We talked briefly. I was viewing the PA Birds Listserve and saw your entry for 2/16. I decided to check out your web site and was so awe-inspired by your beautiful photography. What a small world when I viewed your guestbook and saw an entry from Sue Trozzo. Sue has been preparing my taxes for several years now. The Trozzo's are great people. I hope to run into you again sometime while looking for birds. Take care . . . . . . . . . . Jan Reinhardt, Bethel Park
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