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Black Legged KittiwakeBlack Legged KittiwakeBlack Legged KittiwakeBonaparte Gull, Immature, in FlightBonaparte Gull, Non Breeding AdultBonaparte's Gull, in FlightBonaparte's Gull, Non Breeding AdultFranklin's GullGlaucous-winged Gull, Immature and Greater Black Backed Gull, 1st Winter- in Flightglaucous-winged GullGlaucous-winged Gull, ImmatureGreat Black Backed Gull, 1st WinterGreat Black Backed Gull, Adult and 2nd Winter.Great Black Backed Gull, Adult and First WinterGreater Black Backed Gulls, AdultHeermann's GullHeermann's Gull, 2nd WinterHeermann's Gull, ImmatureHerring GullHerring Gull