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American Black Duck male and Female Mallard DuckAmerican Black Duck, FemaleAmerican Black Duck, MaleAmerican Black DucksAmerican Wigeon, FemaleAmerican Wigeon, FemaleAmerican Wigeon, MaleAmerican Wigeon, PairAmerican Wigeons, ImmatureBarrow's Goldeneye and DucklingsBarrow's Goldeneye DucklingsBarrow's Goldeneye, FemaleBarrow's Goldeneye, MaleBlack Bellied Whistling Duck, ImmatureBlack Bellied Whistling DucksBlack Bellied Whistling DucksBlue Winged Teal PairBlue Winged Teal, FemaleBlue Winged Teal, MaleBlue Winged Teal, Male